Warriors:Into the Wild Quiz

Have you ever wondered what kind of clan cat you would be. From kit,new apprentice, apprentice, warrior, deputy, and then finally a leader, I wonder what you will get?

IF you have ever wondered it than I would take this quiz and if you are just as bored as me try going to youtube.com. They have some really good Warrior Cats videos.

Created by: Bramblestar
  1. Who is Rusty's best friend in the beginning of the book before he found the clans?
  2. What is Rusty's apprentice name?
  3. Who is the ThunderClan deputy in the beginning of the book?
  4. Who is Graypaw's mentor?
  5. Who is Dustpaw's mentor in the beginning of the book?
  6. Who is Ravenpaw's mentor?
  7. Who is Firepaw's mentor?
  8. Who is the deputy after Redtail is killed in the battle with a clan?
  9. In battle with what clan did Lionheart die?
  10. Who is the she-cat that Tigerclaw helped in the battle with RiverClan in the Prologue of Into the Wild?
  11. What old friend does Firepaw meet on a hunting test?
  12. Who is the deputy after Lionheart?
  13. What was the rogue Firepaw found's name?
  14. Were the ThunderClan cats successful of driving out Brokenstar of course with a little help from ShadowClan cats and Yellowfang who was framed of stealing kits?
  15. What were Firepaw and Graypaw's warrior names?

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