What Would Your Warrior Name Be? (guys only)

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Want to find out what your Warrior name is? Here you will find out. Unfortunately, all of the results are toms so this quiz is dedicated to guys, but girls can play it. Just so the people behind the website know, I made the quiz based on this so PLEASE DON'T REMOVE IT!!

I have already made a version of this for girls, but I won't make one for both genders because that will be too complicated for my lazy mind. I hope you enjoy this quiz. I got the art from Graypillow's Warrior Cat art. Also, I don't care if you use these names or descriptions for fanfiction or roleplays, it is totally fine.

Created by: abi

  1. Choose a special power to have.
  2. Choose a job you want to have.
  3. What rank do you want?
  4. How would your friends describe you?
  5. Which of these books do you like the most?
  6. What is your favorite part of Clan life?
  7. What is your spirit animal?
  8. Choose a prefix for your name. (won't affect results)
  9. Choose a suffix for your name. (won't affect score)
  10. They made me make 10 questions so this is totally random.

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Quiz topic: What Would my Warrior Name Be? (guys only)