Path of Stars: Part 3

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This is part 3 of my oc, Sparkpaw’s love story! She is a golden tabby she-cat with green eyes. Her mother is Streamstar, leader of StreamClan and her father is Flameheart, a loyal warrior of StreamClan. She has a sister: Featherkit(brown tabby with green eyes) and a brother: Skykit(gray tom with black stripes and ice-blue eyes).

The path of StreamClan is at peril, will Sparkpaw and her friends be the one to save it? Five toms. One murderer. And four cats destined to stop it all. Which tom will you choose, Pounceleap(adventurous and brave), Lionflame(fun and calm), Breezepelt(smart and strong), Thunderbreeze(cunning and silly), or Firepool(sweet and loyal). Time to find out in this quiz!

Created by: WarriorsLover66
  1. We left off when Pouncepaw was getting closer and closer to you in his sleep. If you don’t remember this happening, take my previous quizzes! Thank you!
  2. After you blacked out, you woke up. You recognized this as the medicine den. Streamstar and Silvertail were leaning over you. “Sparkpaw! Are you ok?” Streamstar looked you all over. “You were thrashing in your sleep.” You realized that Pouncepaw coming closer to you was a dream. “Well, I’ve come to tell you that your warrior assessment will happen today, at Sunhigh. Please be there!” She walked away. You also noticed another friendly face over you. It was Thunderpaw!
  3. “How….how did you get here?” You asked, wide-eyed. “Well, Birchstar said I can go. He said that I should follow my heart, which lead me to StreamClan!
  4. After Thunderpaw walked out, another apprentice walked in. It was a flame-colored tom with bright blue eyes. You recognize him as Firepaw, later becoming Firepool, from the prophecy! “Hello, Sparkpaw, I’m glad you’re ok. Silvertail has been keeping me away.”
  5. Streamstar comes over to you. “Hello, my sweet Sparkpaw! Can you bring Featherpaw, Lionpaw, and Featherpaw with you to my den? Thank you!” She padded away to talk with Silvertail. Another apprentice, Darkpaw pads up to you and made some rude faces. His best friend, Volepaw came and talked.
  6. When you come to her den, Streamstar told you that she received the prophecy from Brightstar. “I see that you three have found the Moonripple. The Moonripple is a place where I can connect with StarClan. Now, you can too.” “What do you do at the Moonripple?” It was Firepaw, coming in. “Ripplestripe sent me here.” “It’s a place to communicate with StarClan.” Just then, Silvertail came. “Featherpaw and Sparkpaw, can you go comfort Softbreeze? Her kits are coming now!” You nod to Streamstar before going to the nursery.
  7. Softbreeze moaned as she pushed. Featherpaw ran to get some moss. Her mate, Larkwing, came and whispered encouraging words in her ear. Softbreeze let out a wordless yowl as she crunched on s stick, and 2 kits came out. “A cream-colored tom-kit and a silver she-kit!” Silvertail said. “Featherpaw, you can name the tom-kit and Sparkpaw, you can name the she-kit.” You think hard. “Birchkit.” She says and turns her head to you. “And Snowkit.” You say, flicking your tail to the silver she-kit. Softbreeze suddenly faints, and you see her moving her mouth to you. “Tell Larkwing thatI love him. Tell my kits to stay strong for me. Remember, stay strong. For your mother and the Clan. Tell Streamstar your warrior names should be Sparkheart and Feathersong….” She faded away and you saw her StarClan spirit, being guided by Brightstar up to Silverpelt.
  8. When you got to the training hollow, Glowshade was waiting with Cherryrain, Pouncepaw’s mentor and Pouncepaw. Glowshade said that this was the fighting portion of their warrior assessment. Whoever pinned the other down first wins. “Ready set fight!” She stepped back. You made the first blow, swiping your claws on Pouncepaw’s belly. Pouncepaw countered with a few sharp blows, but you leaped to the left. Pouncepaw prepared to leap at you again, but before he could, you leaped at him. Your paws ran down his flank. He staggered back, and you managed to pin him down. “Good job, both of you passed! Tomorrow, you, Featherpaw, Lionpaw, Firepaw, and Breezepaw will be made warriors.” You follow Pouncepaw and your mentors back to camp.
  9. The next morning, Streamstar leaps up to the Moonrock. “Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey gather below the Moonrock for a clan meeting! It has been a harsh leafbare. But as we move into newleaf, we have 7 new warriors to make. Sparkpaw, Featherpaw, Pouncepaw, Lionpaw, Breezepaw, Firepaw, and Thunderpaw, step forward. Do you promise to protect and uphold the warrior code, even at the cost of your life?” “I do!” You all respond in unison. “Then, by the power of StarClan, I give you your warrior names. You will now be known as Sparkheart, Feathersong, Pounceleap, Lionlight, Breezepelt, Firepool, and Thunderbreeze.” “No! Lionlight will not be my warrior name.” Lionlight stepped forward. “If you don’t want to be named Lionlight, what name do you want?” He thought for a while. “I would like to be named Lionflame, in honor of my amazing mentor, Flameheart.” “Ok. Lionpaw, your new name is Lionflame. The Clan is dismissed.” Streamstar leapt down from the Moonrock to talk with Thunderbreeze as the clan chanted your new names.
  10. Streamstar came over to you and the other newly-named warriors. “You will keep your vigils in a group of 3 and a group of 4. Sparkheart, Breezepelt, and Firepool, you will keep your warrior vigil together and Feathersong, Lionflame, Pounceleap, and Thunderbreeze, you are the group of four. Group of 3, you will keep your warrior vigil tonight and the group of 4 will keep your warrior vigil tomorrow.” She walked away.
  11. As you sit quietly at your warrior vigil, the 2 toms tried to move closer to you. You felt relaxed and happy for the first time in a while. Suddenly, a cat leaped out of the bushes, leaping on Breezepelt and killing him. You turned around and saw a flash of tortoiseshell fur. You let out a yowl. Firepool runs to get other cats. But before he could, Silvertail wakes up and rushes out of the medicine den. She lays Breezepelt’s body in the middle of camp.
  12. Streamstar called a clan meeting. “Breezepelt is dead. He had a long life ahead of him, but we need to find out who killed him.” Just then, you smelled a scent. It was Dovestar, your StarClan mentor. “Sparkheart.” “Dovestar? I swear, I didn’t kill Breezepelt!” You start breathing fast. “We know you are innocent. We’re here to prevent an unnecessary death.” “Is Breezepelt with you? You know who did it, right?” Dovestar paused, then spoke again. “Breezepelt’s spirit is trapped until the mystery is solved. That’s why you mucky solve it.” “Why are you here, Dovestar?” “I’m here to give you the gift of walking in other’s dreams. Before I go, know that you have seen the murder tonight.” Dovestar faded, leaving you alone in front of the Moonrock.

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