Warriors: Your FireClan warrior

MADE FOR BOYS BUT GIRLS CAN TAKE! Which FireClan cat are you? Young, handsome, careless Blazeclaw? Fierce, loyal, ambitious Ashtalon? Powerful, kind leader Flintstar?

If you don't get what you want, try again, but try to be as truthful as possible! This quiz is made strictly for fun, not to try and surpass the original series.

Created by: Shadowstar
  1. A strange cat walks into camp. What do you do?
  2. A warrior tries to purposely start a fight with you.
  3. Your mate asks if she can go on a dawn patrol on her own.
  4. Your leader tells you to kill a rogue that has been spotted on your territory and warned twice before to stay out.
  5. A kit scrambles over to you right before time to leave for the Gathering and asks if you will play with her.
  6. Your apprentice runs up to you, panting, and says he just escaped from a badger.
  7. You see a kittypet on your territory.
  8. An elder dies suddenly.
  9. A cat goes missing.
  10. You are stalking a pheasant, and an apprentice scares it off by accident.
  11. A kit wanders into another Clan's territory.

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Quiz topic: Warriors: my FireClan warrior