Warriors: Do you belong in FireClan?

I am Shadowstar. In this quiz, you'll meet Flintstar, the leader of FireClan, and he will ask you some questions to see if you truly belong in FireClan.

A starter tip: There are six Clans in our forest, DragonClan(leader - Shadowstar, me. FireClan(leader - Flintstar). FurClan(leader - Petalstar). RockClan(leader - Boulderstar). DrownClan(leader - Fawnstar). The Rogue Clan(leader - Rag(formerly Raggedjaw)).

Created by: Shadowstar

  1. I am Shadowstar, leader of DragonClan. My deputy(and brother), Dragonfang, is also here with Flintstar in the FireClan camp. We will see if you really belong in FireClan. Ready?
  2. Okay, Flintstar, you can take over now. Flintstar: What do you think of the Dark Forest?
  3. Flintstar: If you found a kittypet on our territory, what would you do?
  4. Flintstar: I know cats are color blind to all colors except yellow and blue, but since Erin Hunter ignores that and says cats can see all colors, what is your favorite color out of these? (I don't see why people hate this question, but if you don't like it, skip the question!)
  5. Flintstar: What is your favorite food?
  6. Flintstar: Who are your parents?
  7. Flintstar: Where were you born?
  8. Flintstar: Who are your siblings?
  9. Flintstar: What do you think of Ashtalon, my deputy?
  10. Flintstar: Who do you love/is your mate?
  11. Flintstar: What is your name?
  12. Flintstar: What is your name?
  13. Flintstar: Who is Yarrowberry?

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Quiz topic: Warriors: do I belong in FireClan?