Do you REALLY know Warriors?

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There are many Warriors readers but few of them are Reading Warriors. What is a reading warrior you ask? A person who is keeping up with Erin Hunter and reading the book word by word.

Are YOU a Reading Warrior? Do you read every book word by word? Until now you may never have known if you are a true Reading Warrior. In just 10 questions you will figure out.

Created by: Shlinginghimer

  1. Who is Jayfeather's mother?
  2. What was Firestars REAL name before joining the Warriors?
  3. Who died in the badger attack in Warriors #5 series 2?
  4. Who was killed by Bone?
  5. Who is Firestars brother?
  6. Who kills Bone?
  7. Who is Erin Hunter?
  8. Who is Dovepaw in love with?
  9. What book is Squirrleflight and Leafpool born in?
  10. Who is the Leader, Medicine Cat, and Deputy of Skyclan?

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Quiz topic: Do I REALLY know Warriors?