Which Warrior Cat Are You?

Warriors are cats from Erin Hunter's books. These books include Into the wild, Midnight, The sight, The forth aprentice and the Mangas. Firestar, Graystripe, Brambleclaw, Tigerstar, Squirrleflight, Leafpool and and owned kittypets like Smudge are a few.

Which warrior are you? Evil, Brave, Strong, Bold, Weak, Temptated, Ambitious, and smart are the traits that definde warrirs! Please take this quiz if and only if you've read these books. (some of these books)

Created by: Jennifur
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  1. You and a brother share a bike. Your brother takes the bike out. You ride next, but your brother doesn't know you toke the bike out. You forget to put the kick stand up and it rolls down the drive way and hits your mom's car. They're mad and your brother will take the blame. What do you do?
  2. You are taking a test, would you cheat?
  3. You are an apprentice, and your on a hunting patrol, your starving, and you just caught some prey so you...
  4. You have recieve your warrior name, but it's awful, Noheart, and now your mate won't talk to you so you
  5. You are in a battle and your best friend is hurt REALLY bad... so you
  6. You have a scar on your front legs, that makes you use mostly your hind legs. Cats tease you by calling you the 'Two-leg-cat'. You
  7. You are left in charge of camp when... Shadowclan attack! What do you do.
  8. Your in love with a cat from another clan, but you know the penalties, so you must
  9. You have a choice to be a warrior or a medicine cat you pick
  10. Did you like my quiz? (won't effect score)
  11. Extra: Whats your favorite clan?

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