Which Heroes Character Suits You Best?

This quiz, 'Which Heroes character suits you best?' determines which Heroes character YOU suit best!! (The clue is in the name =D) You don't need to be a smartie to figure that out, do you??

So which Heroes character will YOU be?? Will you be Niki, the super - strong woman with a multiple - personality disorder?? What about the gentle and caring Peter Petrelli?? Or the invincible cheerleader, Miss Claire Bennet?? Or the Ice Queen, Tracy Strauss?? Or the poor Elle Bishop with a deadly ability?? What about the sweet and childish Hiro Nakamura?? Or, the selfish Nathan Petrelli?? And last but not least.... Will YOU be the man himself, the man of Fear, Mr Gabriel Gray aka Sylar?? You're about to find out!!!!

Created by: XoAilsaOx
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What colour of hair do you have??
  2. What colour of eyes do you have??
  3. If someone told you that they knew about your ability, what would you do??
  4. Which statement best suits you??
  5. Which nickname would you prefer??
  6. What would you rather happened to you??
  7. What's worse??
  8. What job would you rather have??
  9. Where would you rather live??
  10. You are given some money, what would you rather buy??
  11. Pick your favourite!!
  12. Pick which ever one you wish!!
  13. What would people best describe you as??
  14. What does your first name begin with?
  15. What does your second name begin with??
  16. What is your gender??
  17. What is your age range??
  18. What do you think your answer will be?? (Answer to this question does NOT effect your final answer)
  19. Last question... Did you like this quiz?? (Yet again, your answer to this question will NOT effect your final answer) 1 being crap and 10 being fantastic!!

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Quiz topic: Which Heroes Character suits me Best?