Which Hero are you?

Do you like the hit shows Heroes on nbc? if you do, then play this quiz! try to see which hero you are. There are eight possible outcomes including Hiro and Sylar.

Answer the 14 questions and find out which of the eight heroes you are. I hope you like your oucome! If you do, keep playing. Are you good, or evil, are you smart, or strong?

Created by: Tony
  1. Are you a boy or girl?
  2. How intelligent are you?
  3. Do you belive you can change the world?
  4. Does vengence drive you?
  5. Are you happy and have a good heart?
  6. Are you evil?
  7. Do you love your powers and want to know more about it?
  8. What would best describe you?
  9. What kinds of movies do you like?
  10. Tiffiny?

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Quiz topic: Which Hero am I?