What Sci-Fi Series do you identify most with?

The quiz for all Sci-Fi fans is finally here. Not a Sci-Fi fan? Don't know what Sci-Fi is? Then this quiz is not for you. (Sci-Fi is Science Fiction. You know, spaceships and lasers and stuff.)

Have you ever wondered what fleet you would belong in? Now, you can find out, between three major Sci-Fi serieses-Star Trek, Star Wars, and Babylon 5.

Created by: Bob
  1. What do you do when you find a new Planet?
  2. Which name is most likely to become the name of your starship?
  3. What color uniforms would you put your marines in?
  4. Is having a red shirt on your ship equivalent to having a sign around your neck saying "KILL ME NOW!"?
  5. Does your starship have fighters?
  6. What weapon does your starship rely on?
  7. How do you get from star to star?
  8. Are you the most technologically advanced race that you know of?
  9. Are your ships designed to explore or fight?
  10. How do you get out of trouble?
  11. What defenses does your ship have?
  12. Are promotions in your navy usually on-the-spot, results of the "punishment" (death) of a senior officer?

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Quiz topic: What Sci-Fi Series do I identify most with?