Which Alisha Are You?

Everyone has a few sides to themselves. And we can all identify with at least one side of everybody. I like to think thats why somedays we just don't get along with some people, that other days we'd quiet enjoy.

I like to think I have four dominante sides to myself. So I've taken those sides and made a quiz! Which of my four sides do you think you'll identify with the most? And, I bet your results would change depending on your mood-of-the-day heehee!

Created by: Alisha of Alisha's MySpace
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  1. You see a pretty girl walking down the street. Your reaction is...
  2. You see your lover at school. You...
  3. Whats your favortie color of these?
  4. I like cats because...
  5. Pick a saying to have on a shirt.
  6. Pick a Soul Calibur(I can't spell, hope thats right) character!
  7. Of these, wich song would you pick?
  8. Which of these MSN emote sets do you use the most?
  9. Numbers are fun! Whats 1+1
  10. Quizzes like these are...

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Quiz topic: Which Alisha am I?