There various type of quadrilaterals. Some are "normal," while others are better known as aliens. All quadrilateral has four sides. A quadrilateral is best defined as a plane figure having four sides and four angles.

Are you a quadrilateral? If so, what quadrilateral are you? Do you have enough sides to be a quadrilateral? How many angles do you have? Up until this point you had no idea. All you could do is wonder. Finally you'll find out what quadrilateral you are.

Created by: Samantha

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  1. Do you have four right angles?
  2. Your diagnols bisect and....
  3. Your region is best espressed as...
  4. You are a quadrilateral if and only if
  5. Which one best desrcibes your parallel sides?
  6. Are all four sides congruent?
  7. Describe your family tree.
  8. When married, your child(ren) can be identified as what?
  9. Are your consecutive sides congruent?
  10. How many opposite angles do you have that are congruent?
  11. Do your diagnols bisect a pair of oppposite angles?
  12. Your diagnols are perpendicular.
  13. If you are a quadrilateral, who are your brother and sisters?
  14. You are a quadrilateral with four congruent angles. Who are you?
  15. You are the only survivor of your family. What are you?
  16. Are your base angles parallel?
  17. You like to have every single part of you to be congruent. Who are you?
  18. Do you have two pairs of base angles?

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