Geometry is not just for matheticians. To prove that I created this quiz to so that everyone could identify the type of quad they are. It isn't hard and complex, but instead very fast and fun. So try this quiz and see what quadrilateral you are!

Are You Into Shapes? Do you know what shape best describes you? If not and you have a dying desire to find out, please, take my quiz. You'll have lots of fun finding out which quadrilateral you are, so take this quiz and find out under 5 minutes.

Created by: bluebaby
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  1. Are all of your sides are congruent?
  2. Which of the following describe your opposite angles?
  3. Which describes your area best?
  4. Are your legs parallel?
  5. From which quadrilateral(s) did you descend from?
  6. Are your diagonals perpendicular?
  7. Are your consecutive angles supplementary?
  8. Describe your midsegment?
  9. Describe your marital status.
  10. Are you concave or convex?

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