Which quad do I need?

Many people don't know which utility atv to get, this quiz should help you decide. It covers everything from whether you mud or to how long you will keep the quad for.

You think you know which quad you want to get? Most people buy a quad and end up regretting the quad because the dealer salesmen lie to customers so they will buy their vehicles.

Created by: Dan
  1. How often do you go over the tires in mud?
  2. How important are sled pulls to you?
  3. Do you like jumping your quad?
  4. Do you drag race your quad?
  5. How important is handling to you?
  6. How important is the comfort factor of a quad?
  7. What is your budget?
  8. Do you ride snow?
  9. How long will you keep this quad?
  10. What kind of person are you?

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