In the groove quiz

There are many great ITG players who can quad 12s, pass 18s, and win lots of tournaments. But does anyone know anything about the game they are so good at?

This test gives players who may suck at the game a chance to win for once, or for the good players to keep their edge.The questions are supposed to be hard, so good luck. :P

Created by: Joel and Steph

  1. How many official songs are included in ITG2?
  2. Which song was difficulty 10 block in ITG1?
  3. Who is the artist of Hip Hop Jam?
  4. Which of these are not possible, in terms of combos on ITG2?
  5. What color is the flag that appears if you get 1 excellent?
  6. Which official song has the highest step count?
  7. Which of these ITG2 songs did NOT appear on ITG home version?
  8. Which song title does ITG and DDR have in common?
  9. Which of these songs was NOT made by Reflection Theory?
  10. What song plays on the selection screen in Marathon mode?

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