Welcome! We are so glad you decided to take our quiz! Why? Well, we don't know! Quadrilaterals are everywhere! Hey! Even your computer is shaped like one!

Let's be serious. You know you want to find out what quadrilateral you are. That is why you are here! Are you equal and precise like a square, or are you an utterly crazy mess like a trapezoid? Take this quiz to find out! :)

Created by: amazon

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  1. Are you a descendent of a parallelogram?
  2. Are both of your opposite sides congruent?
  3. Are both of your opposite angles congruent?
  4. Are both of your opposite sides parallel?
  5. Are your diagonals perpendicular?
  6. Are your consecutive angles supplementary?
  7. Do your diagonals bisect each other?
  8. What does your name start with?
  9. Do you have any children?
  10. Who are your children?
  11. Are all your sides congruent?
  12. Are all your angles congruent?
  13. Who are your parents?
  14. Do you have legs?
  15. Can you fly me?
  16. Do you know anything about your diagonals?
  17. How would you find your area?
  18. What letter does your name end with?

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