Dr. Leonard McCoy Quiz

Are you a fan of Star Trek: The Original Series? If so, do you know all there is to know about its characters? You may be surprised when you take this quiz on Dr. Leonard "Bones" McCoy.

How well do you know Dr. McCoy? He's not as prominent as Captain Kirk or Mr. Spock, but there is still a lot to know about him. Take this quiz on Dr. McCoy to test your knowledge!

Created by: USSPenny
  1. McCoy's eyes are which color?
  2. What was the name of McCoy's daughter?
  3. What was the secret ingredient in the McCoy family recipe for baked beans (ST V)?
  4. McCoy NEVER said that he was not a(n):
  5. What was McCoy known for "from here to Orion"? His:
  6. Where was McCoy from?
  7. With whom was McCoy NEVER romantically involved?
  8. In which episode did McCoy finally get "the last word"?
  9. In ST II, Spock gave McCoy his:
  10. McCoy did NOT appear in which TOS episode?
  11. In McCoy's name, what does the "H" middle initial stand for?
  12. Where did McCoy attend school? The University of:
  13. What was McCoy's father's name?
  14. McCoy was played by which person in TOS?
  15. What did McCoy nearly die of?
  16. Who played McCoy in the 2009 Star Trek film?

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