How much you know about classic ben 10(2005) ?

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Classic Ben Ten is the most popular among the series of ben . In fact I grew up watching this in cartoon network every day. The episodes are excellent and the content is awesome in this series. It's actually created by man of action it was aired on tv from 2005 to 2008 . This is the best show among all ben ten series.

Now let's see how much you can score in this Classic Ben Ten quiz . There will be 10 questions and only one answer among the four options . All the best . Let's go !

Created by: Trinadh
  1. What's the age of ben tennyson in season one (2005) classic ben ten series?
  2. Who is the classmate of Ben tennyson among below? (2005 classic series)
  3. What's the mineral that is possessed by the Mummy ?
  4. Who is the man that helps ghost freak to reborn with the help of werewolf and the mummy ?
  5. In the episode " The Negative 10" who joins Ben , gwen and grandpa max in their journey ?
  6. What's the game you can't find ben participating in ben ten classic?
  7. What's the another mysterious place , that the aliens are send to by a projector? (Ben 10)
  8. Who is the man that he can hypnotize anybody to make them work for him ?
  9. The alien that one can split into so many ?
  10. What's the alien that ben wants to be always whenever he turn on the omnitrix?

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