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A lot of people who watches anime consider themselves OTAKU without knowing the real meaning behind the word. For actual OTAKU, people like those are nothing but a disgrace to their passion. They are even offended of the normies use of the term Japanese cartoons to describe anime. For real certified OTAKU, anime is like a completely new world which gives meaning to our lives as an OTAKU.

We, real OTAKU, prefers to live in this so-called fiction 2D world because the 3D world didn't accept us or was just too much trouble for us. For us, if it is possible to surpass the boundaries of the two the two dimensions, we would gladly drove right in through this gap and live a new life in a new reality which we once called the 2D world.

Created by: KitsuneKuramu42
  1. What is an OTAKU?
  2. How much do you love anime, manga, light novels, etc.?
  3. In what place do you normally watch anime or read manga or light novels?
  4. When do you normally watch anime or read manga and light novels?
  5. How much are you willing to sacrifice for being an OTAKU?
  6. Do you have a gamer's tunnel vision from start to finish of watching anime or reading manga and light novels?
  7. How irritated do you get when someone disturbs you you while you are reading or watching? (Rate from 1-10)
  8. Do your read or watch alone or with someone who has a possibility to disturb you?
  9. At what mood do you watch or read?
  10. What do you think of spoilers?
  11. Do you have a character which you have strong affection to? For what reason?
  12. Ultimate question: is anime cartoons?
  13. Compare anime and cartoon?
  14. How many anime, manga and light novels have you watched or read? (Not by each episode or chapter)
  15. How much do you remember about what you have read and watched?

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