Which of the Four Main Deres Are You?

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If you are an otaku the there is a chance that you would have heard of the four main dere types. You know yandere, dandere, kuudere and tsundere? Kind of the otaku equivalent to the emo, prep and so on stereotypes you see one here. This quiz will tell you which of the main four stereotypes you are.

I know there are many more types like kamidere, himidere and ones that aren't even a dere type. I would mostly consider myself either a dandere, yangire or dorodere. I just didn't want to add to many to the quiz. Thanks for taking the quiz anyway. The questions are kind of obvious but hey what else would I ask on this kind of quiz?

Created by: NoEyedWatcher
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. How would you usually act around a crush?
  2. What would most people say about you out of these?
  3. Which colour would you say describes you most? (Not your favourite one)
  4. You tend not to speak much sometimes.
  5. People might say you're cold.
  6. You would go to great lengths for the one you love.
  7. You usually argue back to someone.
  8. Quiet or loud?
  9. You see someone flirting with the person you kind of like. Reaction?
  10. Last of all, pick a word.

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Quiz topic: Which of the Four Main Deres am I?