What Level Otaku Are You?

This world is filled with weeaboo. Weeaboo here, there, everywhere. Just... Where all the Otaku at? Join me in this quiz to find out!!!! otakuotakuotaku

ARE YOU OTAKU? DO YOU HAVE THE LEVEL TO BEAT LEVEL 100? TAKE THIS QUIZ AND FIND OUT. God that was tiring. Are we done. PS If the anime man is taking this... Be sure to get a level 1000.

Created by: RubyApollo
  1. First, let me get you exposed to ask...what is an Otaku?
  2. Great...? Ok, now, almost every Otaku that has a social media platform that worships the Otaku Kings. Who are they?
  3. Scenario 1: Fellita has 2 friends who want to hangout with her this weekend. The first friend has no figurines and manga, but watches AOT. The second one doesn't know what anime is. Who should Felita pick?
  4. Ok, now let's define the term, weeaboo, so you are familiar with it. What is a weeaboo.
  5. Last question... What level would you rate yourself as?
  6. Wait... Twelve questions?
  7. Well... At least sing with me! We are Equestria Girls...
  9. When will this end?
  10. Ok here is your score...

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Quiz topic: What Level Otaku am I?