How Big Of An Otaku Are You?

This is not going to be a quiz made by a weeaboo. It's not going to be a quiz made by someone who thinks they know everything either. This is a quiz by a fan of anime that is still kind of a newbie! I know enough about this community to make a quiz, so let's begin.

Otaku means one who obsesses or geek, which is looked down upon, but in America,it means a fan of anime and manga that is not a weeaboo or a casual fan. Let's see if you pass the test. No desu allowed.

Created by: burumargo
  1. Hello. Welcome to the quiz that will determine whether or not you are a real otaku. First of all, click the one that applies.
  2. What do you think is the ultimate anime?
  3. This question is just for funsies. Okay, what type of anime fan are you?
  4. Conventions.
  5. Why is your favorite character your favorite character?
  6. Japan is a country in the Pacific. What do you think of it?
  7. --the next few questions will be situation!!-- You are waiting for your food. You are minding your own business. The interior is this restaurant is so cool, so you look around at it. You overhear someone calling anime a "cartoon." What do you do?
  8. This test was a breeze, you think, as you flip the paper over so no one will try to cheat off you. You see a classmate of yours reading a manga. What do you do?
  9. You are scrolling through your dash on Tumblr. After looking through all the new posts, you go to the explore page. After scrolling for a little while, you spot an anime post out of the corner of your eye. It says, "Anime is so stupid. I hate it." You...
  10. --Okay, no more situations.-- How much anime stuff do you own?

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Quiz topic: How Big Of An Otaku am I?