How Otaku Are You?

Otakus are people who watch Anime. To be an official Otaku, you must watch at least 20 Animes, relate leeks to the correct things, and know what Boku no Pico is XD

If you want to figure out if you're an Otaku, take this quiz! We aren't lifeless losers, we are just normal people who love Japan!!! Sorry if you don't get the rank you deserve, I don't know you in real life!!!!

Created by: Maggie
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  1. What is "Shingeki no Kyojin"?
  2. Your favorite genre of music is
  3. You're hungry. You go into your kitchen and pick:
  4. If you could change your last name, you'd change it to
  5. Your crush is
  6. You're subscribed (or most likely to be subscribed) to which magazine??
  7. You read...
  8. What is "anime," anyway?
  9. Leek.
  10. Your favorite store is...
  11. Your favorite singer/band is...
  12. Boku. No. Pico.
  13. You watch __ animes.
  14. Hunter x ______
  15. Fireworks are...
  16. You are among the best engineers. You invented __________.

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Quiz topic: How Otaku am I?