Inuyasha Challenge!

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There are many Otakus out there, but are you one of them? More specifically, are you an Inuyasha otaku? Test your knowledge of the Inu gang and see if you qualify!

Are YOU an Inuyasha otaku? Do you know enough about that amazing series to score well on this quiz? Well, let's find out! Prove yourself to Sesshomaru!

Created by: Sakura Tsubari
  1. In which episode did Kagome meet Sesshomaru?
  2. What is the name of Kagome's cat?
  3. What is the name of the episode in which Miroku first appears?
  4. Who is the voice actor for Inuyasha in the Japanese anime?
  5. What is the Japanese name for the Adamant Barrage, an attack of Inuyasha's sword Tetsusaiga?
  6. In [episode name withheld], a young lord of a clan is in love with Sango. What is his name and what is the clan he rules?
  7. In which movie do Inuyasha and Kagome first kiss?
  8. What is the honorific used for Princess Abi, a demon that appears in some of the later episodes?
  9. Which is NOT an attack of Tetsusaiga?
  10. What are the four souls of the Shikon no Tama?
  11. What does Shikon no Kakeru mean?
  12. What does Sesshomaru's name mean?
  13. Who is Sakuya Morunako?
  14. How many episodes are in the series? (Final Act not included)
  15. How does Inuyasha die?

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