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Otaku is a person who addicted with anime or manga. Now, there so many otakus in this universe, Especially in japan. You can call yourself an otaku if u watch many anime shows or read many mangas.

Now, Are you an otaku? Do you watch plenty animes? Do you read many mangas? And If you want to know are you an otaku.... Please take this quiz... thank you very much :D

Created by: Ren

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  1. City Hunter: Who is Kaori?
  2. Sailor Moon: Who is Sailor Lethe twin sister?
  3. Kamisama Hajimemas---a: Who is Himemiko Crush?
  4. Gakkou no Kaidan: Did Satsuki have a sibling?
  5. Fairy Tail: Which one is right?
  6. Diabolik Lovers: Subaru born on?
  7. Sket Dance: What is Himeko's favorite lolipop?
  8. Accel World: Which one is Kuroyukihime Duel Avatar?
  9. Fairy Tail: Which one is wrong?
  10. Rosario+Vampire: Kurumu is a?

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