Which Anime Girl are You?

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There are many types of Anime Girls, but I have hand-selected the top six and have stuck them in my quiz! Are you going to get a good result? Who knows? Only your honest answers will decide!

Which Anime Girl are You? My quiz will give you a correct answer if you answer honestly. This quiz is programmed to give you the right answer, but only of you answer honestly! Take this quiz to find the truth!

Created by: Kitty Starbucks
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Hello! How are you? Welcome to this quiz!
  2. What is Your Favourite Colour?
  3. You see your best friend talking to the new girl. What do you do? Honestly!
  4. What is your Favourite Disney Character? :3
  5. What Words Best Describe You? ;)
  6. How Many Friends?
  7. Favourite Food? :d
  8. What is Your Hair Colour? ^"ยข^
  9. What Clothes do You Like to Wear? (If you don't have the clothes you want, doesn't matter! Answer as if you had 'em!)
  10. Do you have a crush? ;3
  11. Bye Now! I will Miss You!

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Quiz topic: Which Anime Girl am I?