What -dere are you? ( Girls only! )

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Okay, so, I've been dying to do this! So this quiz will tell you what type of -dere you are! If you don't know what a dere is, I'll tell you, all types of dere are typical anime tropes that are often found. To see what options you can get, see the next paragraph.

You will get one of 8 decisions. You could get a Tsundere, a Yandere, a Dandere, a Kuudere, a Deredere, a Himedere, a Mayadere or a Sadodere. I hope you have fun while doing my quiz! - IquizI

Created by: IquizI
  1. What do you think you'll be?
  2. Your crush comes up to you and says hi. What do you reply with?
  3. Another girl is flirting with the boy you like. How do you react?
  4. You are asked out by your crush! How do you respond?
  5. On your date, you and your crush have to order food, what do you get?
  6. You go to the movie theatre for the rest of your date. He asks what movie you wanna watch?
  7. Finally, he takes you back to your place, how do you say goodbye.
  8. (NO effect) Did you enjoy?
  9. (NO effect) On a scale of 1-5, how likely are you to recommend? 1 being very unlikely and 5 being extremely likely.
  10. (NO effect) Are you ready to know?

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Quiz topic: What -dere am I? ( Girls only! )