what abnormal color should you dye your hair

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hhhhheeeeeyyyyy yo this is swaggmonkey up in in the house maaaan! i got some swaggerer hahhhh! brothaa come see if you can handle some out of this world

kinda hair maaaaan! the colors that are results is will be um yeah green pink purple red blue aaaaannnnnddddd......BLACK! yo i might be liein' up up in dere' so yeahhhh have funn biatchezzz!

Created by: SwaggMonkey

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. what color is your hair currently
  2. what color are your eyebrows
  3. what does your name start with
  4. you skin is
  5. and what color is your eyes
  6. freckles
  7. what do you usually do to your hair
  8. how long do you say your hair is
  9. this is the last question
  10. i lied lol ok this is last one :'3

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Quiz topic: What abnormal color should I dye my hair