Which Dere Type Are You

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Dere is the Japanese word for lovestruck ,but there are different Deres. Some Deres act like royalty some are to shy to talk. What Dere are you. Take my quiz to find out now!

In many Manga's and Anime's the Dere protagonists is Female. That doesn't mean you can't take this quiz if you're Male. So any species can take my quiz.

Created by: Bonnie Fan

  1. You see Senpai walking by what do you do
  2. You get senpai as a partner for a project
  3. While you're working with senpai he tries to talk to you What do you say
  4. Do you tell people to call you a mythical name
  5. Have you ever stalked Senpai
  6. What do you want
  7. You bump Senpai and hes on top of you. Hes blushing a little since your face is so close to there face. Y'all stare Until you say...
  8. Have you ever Physically hurt someone because they touched or talked to senpai
  9. Have ever been mean to Senpai
  10. There will be more than 12 questions
  11. You're holding a bunch of books
  12. Your books fall and Senpai is trying to help you pick them up you say
  13. What do you want to get

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