What dere type are you?

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This quiz will tell you what dere type you are.There will be 10 different questions you will be asked and at the end you will get your result and tell you about your dere type

this quiz involves the types kuudere coodere undere deredere himedere yandere tsundere dandere this quiz will reveal wich one of theese types of dere's you are.

Created by: yanchan
  1. You see senpai walking home,what do you do?
  2. What do you look for in a love intrest?
  3. you drop your books on the floor and senpai helps you pick them up
  4. You trip and fall infront of senpai what do you do?
  5. Senpai trips and falls ontop of you what do you do?
  6. Would you hurt any one who talked to your senpai?
  7. You wanna give a gift to senpai what do you give him?
  8. What is your fav colour?
  9. What do you wnat to get on this quiz?
  10. what do you think of this quiz

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Quiz topic: What dere type am I?