What Dere are you?

This quiz is to introduce you to your inner “Dere”, I wonder which happens to be you. Comment your results, wether be a yandere, tsundere, dandere, or kuudere- they’re all welcome here.

Be honest with the quiz, the sorting hat is very picky which who it chooses. Remember, the choices you make always effect the outcome of your results.

Created by: Allison Goodwin
  1. Someone is flirting with your crush, with their arm draped over your crush’s shoulder. How do you react?
  2. Your crush brushes the flirtatious person away and walks up to you, what do you say?
  3. What kind of a person is your crush?
  4. Are you close with your family?
  5. Pet of choice?
  6. What mental illness are you most likely to have/get?
  7. Spirit animal?
  8. Your in the middle of a battle, weapon of choice?
  9. Define this quiz
  10. What deer are you hoping for?

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Quiz topic: What Dere am I?