What Kind Of "Dere" Are You!

Hi my name is Kanna Chan! I really hope you enjoy my first [and probs my last]] quiz! there are japanese deres and this will tell you which one you are! Im sorry if you don't like your result and sorry for spelling mistakes that might be in this

The japanese deres in here are the common ones there clearly are more but i only put four of them in this quiz so i hope you still enjoy it but there are more quizzes that will have things I don't like images or all the dere and more!

Created by: Kanna Chan
  1. What do you do when your crush walks by
  2. Have you stalked Senpai before
  3. You see a [Girl/Boy]] with your crush! whats your plan
  4. Have you hurt anyone for you crush
  5. Gift for your crush would be
  6. Theres a school dance and you want to ask your crush
  7. Fav colour?
  8. nearly there [to results]]
  9. If your crush asked you out how will you react
  10. FINAL ONE] [this does count a lot on your score]] What do you describe yourself as and how to you expect to be treated

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Quiz topic: What Kind Of "Dere" am I!