Which Dere are you?

Have you ever wondered what dere you are? Well if you have take this short quiz and find out answer every question truthfully or you won't find out what dere you are. Remember have fun!

What dere you are? Have you ever asked this before? Well if you have you came to the right place! take this 10 question Quiz to find out what dere you are!

Created by: Dream of what dere am I?
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  1. When someone is flirting with your Senpai what do you do?
  2. Would you kill people for Senpai?
  3. So let's Roleplay a bit I'm your Senpai an your you so talking is in this " " and this * * is actions. Senpai: *bumps into you making both of us fall over* "I'm so so so sorry are you ok!" *helps up*
  4. how much do you love your Senpai?
  5. who do you like the most?
  6. Do you like this Quiz?
  7. why are you here?
  8. pick a color...
  9. WOOF!
  10. Hi or bye?

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