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Hello! If you have not played my Personality Quiz, please do! Anyway, here's my quiz about which of the dere types are you! These are not the only dere types, just so you know.

The four results are: Tsundere! Deredere! Dandere! And Bakadere! There was NO WAY I was putting Yandere. Don't even ask. Anyway, I hope you enjoy, and like always, don't despair if you don't get the answer you want!

Created by: Peppermint01 of Amino account link :)
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  1. In the morning, you run into your friend, Peppermint, in the hallway. She's scrambling to pick up pencils and drawing supplies that fell out of her backpack. "Go to class! I got this!" What do you do?
  2. During Science, your teacher announces you're doing a project, with the option to work solo or with a partner. Peppermint looks at you and waves. You decide to do what?
  3. Peppermint approaches you at the end of the day. "Do you want to come over again? We need to practice for the talent show." What will you tell her?
  4. You notice that Peppermint is blushing as she lets you in. Come to think of it, she's been blushing a lot when she's near you. What do you think about that?
  5. Peppermint hands you a controller and sets up Minecraft. What do you want to do?
  6. After a while, Peppermint pulls out her computer and starts scrolling through songs. "We need to pick one for the talent show!" Which Disney song do you choose? (Yes, Disney. Keeping it clean.)
  7. After you pick a song, Peppermint starts singing one part while you sing another. Suddenly, Peppermint stops. "What should we wear?" What will you pick?
  8. After you get home, you discover a flier for the school dance in your pocket. There's a note on it. "Will you go to the dance with me? -P." Will you go with Peppermint?
  9. You and Peppermint meet up to work on your Science project. What do you say to her?
  10. Together, you two managed to get an A on the project. Your teacher recommends entering it into the Science Fair. Peppermint looks at you and nods. Will you do it?
  11. At the Science Fair, you notice another team is struggling. Unfortunately, more people are making their way to your booth. Will you stay or go?
  12. Guess what! Your team got the blue ribbon! You won! Peppermint squeals and gives you a hug. How do you react?
  13. Finally, it's time for the thing you've been working so hard for. The talent show! When do you want to participate?
  14. You nail your performance, and you got second! As you pick up your trophy, you spot the first place winners. Peppermint pulls you over to them. "Let's go congratulate them!" What do you say?
  15. It's the night of the dance. You and Peppermint have an amazing time and at the end she even gives you a kiss! Thank you for taking my quiz and I'll see you soon!

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