Are You In Love With An Anime Character?

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There are many people in love with anime characters, but some aren't. Do you think you are in love with anime character? Wanna find out? You can now so try it!

Answer the questions below. The first two don't count toward your score so don't worry. Let's see how in love with an anime character you are!

Created by: AnimeLuver889
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  1. Do you have dreams about your favorite anime character?
  2. Do you talk about your favorite anime character a lot?
  3. Do you think about your favorite anime character often?
  4. Is your anime character a boy or girl?
  5. Can you go a week with out not doing anything that involves your favorite anime character?
  6. Would you do anything or almost anything to make that anime character come to life?
  7. Do you watch anime often?
  8. Do you also read the manga?
  9. Would you be extremely happy if that anime character came to life and wanted to be your friend?
  10. Do you try looking like your favorite character?
  11. Do you act like your favorite character?
  12. You'll find out after this!

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