Which Code Geass Character Are You?

Code Geass is a show with many unique and complex characters, each with their own ideals, virtues, flaws, and favorite flavor of pizza. Their personalities differ greatly in these respects. But which one are you most like?

This is a quiz to determine which Code Geass character you most closely identify as. Many of the questions are scenarios, so try to answer honestly if you want an honest result.

Created by: Miki Sayaka
  1. You must play a game with Death; if you lose, you die! What do you play?
  2. You are unarmed and trapped in a building with a crazy serial killer! What's your plan of action?
  3. Something precious to you was just stolen. What shall you do?
  4. You live in an Area of Britannia which is in dire need of brilliant and skilled leader. Who would you want in charge?
  5. You have the opportunity to become part of a wonderful new universe! Of the following death traps, where would you go?
  6. You are at a switch which controls a fork in some train tracks. A sadistic maniac has tied seven people to the train tracks to be run over in less than a minute. If you pull the switch, you can save them, but in doing so, you cause the train to run over three other people. What is your plan of action?
  7. In reference to question 7, which universe would you least like to end up in?
  8. What traits in people frustrate you most?
  9. Ask a friend which of the following traits is strongest in you:
  10. Of the previous traits, ask a friend which one is second strongest in you:

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Quiz topic: Which Code Geass Character am I?