How well do you know the Warrior Code?

The series Warriors has captivated many people. the cats in the books follow a code, The warrior code. but how much do you really know about the code? lets find out!

The code is what every warrior follows. with their paws set on the path of star clan, who knows what will happen? how much do you know about the code? lets find out!

Created by: Zara Verthicha

  1. Can you have friendships in other clans?
  2. "You may not hunt or trespass on another clans territory" is code ________.
  3. Who must eat first?
  4. can you catch prey for sport?
  5. What is code 13?
  6. Can you neglect a kit in pain or danger if said kit was from another clan?
  7. Must borders be checked daily?
  8. true or false: Warriors do not need to kill to win battles.
  9. how many codes are there?
  10. Why do new warriors have to keep a silent vigil for one night after becoming a warrior?
  11. Did firestar always follow the code?
  12. when does the deputy become clan leader?
  13. Are you glad that this is over? (answer yes)

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Quiz topic: How well do I know the Warrior Code?