Warriors quiz 2

Do you think you know what you should do when you're breaking the Warrior Code? What if you see a kit from another Clan lying on the Thunderpath? Take this quiz, and find out if your answers are what a true warrior would do.

Warriors is a great book. But do you like it so much that you would want to take a quiz about it? If so, take this quiz and decide what a warrior would do.

Created by: Emilicious

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  1. Who did you get last time?
  2. Who did you get last time?
  3. Do you like your cat so far?
  4. If your friend likes a cat from another Clan, what would you do?
  5. You fell in love with a cat from a different Clan. You know you're breaking the Warrior Code, you...
  6. A kit is on the Thunderpath and a Monster is coming on high speed! You...
  7. Your camp is being raid! Who do you save first?
  8. You are the deputy, you know the leader has one more life left and you really want to become leader. What do you do?
  9. You want to be deputy and you haven't had an apprentice yet. You are getting impatient. You...
  10. You think Twolegs are nice and sneak away from camp every morning. You know you're breaking the Warrior Code. When you get a punishment, you...
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