How much do you like Warriors?

A lot of people read books. But the question is: Did they like them? Most just read them because their parent, teacher, or friend forces them too. Find out how much you truly like Warriors!

You might THINK you like them! This tells the TRUE amount of how much you like Warriors! Saying that you like them is one thing, but taking this quiz is another...

Created by: Thunderstar

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  1. You see a cat on the street. What do you do?
  2. You see a new Warriors book that had resleased just today at the bookstore while there with your mom. You have no cash. You...
  3. You're playing a game online. You're totally into it, and suddenly a window pops up saying Erin Hunter is coming to your city! You...
  4. One of your dogs is attacking a cat. You are allergic to cats and home alone. You....
  5. You see a sign saying that the Warriors site has a ton of new cool stuff on it! You...
  6. When you look at the stars...
  7. Someone says that Warriors is a waste. (They haven't read Warriors)What do you say back?
  8. When you started reading Warriors, did you think it would be just about a bunch of cats fighting each other?
  9. Now that you've read Warriors, do you still think that?
  10. If a Warriors movie came out, would you see it?
  11. If you could be a cat, would you?

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Quiz topic: How much do I like Warriors?