Warriors- Know-It-All

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Firestar, the Leader of ThunderCLan is the center of this quiz. If you love him and think you are the ultimate warriors fan, take this quiz to become the ultimeate warriors know-it-all!

Are YOU are Warriors Know-It-All? Ypu can only wonder, but now you can find out! Take this quiz to find out if you are the ultimate Warriors Know-It-All!

Created by: Cambron

  1. Does Firestar think Tigerstar and his children are decendants of the old SkyClan cats?
  2. Who is Firestar's dad?
  3. How many names has Firestar had?
  4. Firestar is related to who of the following by blood?
  5. What does Silverstream give Firestar in Firestar's quest?
  6. What three cats are the first forest cats that Firestar-then Rusty- meets?
  7. Who is it reveled Firestar might be based on a cat this person knew?
  8. In Eclipse, who was mistakenly called Firestar?
  9. In 'The Rescue' who was Firestar mistakenly called?
  10. Who is Firestar's mother?
  11. *Spoiler Alert!* Last one! Is Firestar's granddaughter alive?

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