Crookedstar's Promise Trivia Quiz

There are many warriors fans, but few true warriors. What is a warriors fan? A warriors fan is a person that reads and has all of the books, and knows everything about warrior cats.

Are you a warriors fan? Do you have the knowledge about warriors that you need to pass this test? Why don't you take this quiz about one of the most recent books out, "Crookedstar's Prophecy"!!!!!!!!!!!!

Created by: AWT

  1. Did Crookedstar ever lie to Oakheart about seeing Mapleshade?
  2. What does Mudfur look like?
  3. What was the name of the cat that died the night of the storm Crookedkit/Stormkit was born?
  4. Who is Crookedstar's deputy in the book "Crookedstar's Promise?"
  5. What was the promise that he had told to Mapleshade?
  6. What color of eyes does Crookedstar have?
  7. What book did Crookedstar die in? (I know it's not from "Crookedstar's Promise," but I just want to see if you know)
  8. What were the names of Crookedstar's two kits that died?
  9. Who is older, Graypool or Bluestar?
  10. What was the name of Crookedstar and Oakheart's mother?
  11. How did Crookedstar's mother die?

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