Animorphs Trivia Quiz

The Animorphs series have ended, but the fans have not! Take this Animorphs Trivia Quiz to find out if you are truly a fan - or if you just have a Yeerk inside your head.

This Animorphs Trivia Quiz does not belong to me, but to the actual author and/or website, and I take no credit - except semi-credit for the last question.

Created by: Vinxy

  1. In book #1 The Invasion, who was the first Animorph to see Prince Elfangor's ship in the sky?
  2. What was the first animal Jake acquired and morphed?
  3. Who was the Andalite who was shunned for giving Yeerks the technology they needed to spread throughout the universe?
  4. Which one of the Animorphs has a corkboard covered with famous quotes?
  5. In which book did Cassie and Jake first kiss?
  6. Of the following Animorphs, who was not chosen by Ellimist to be a part of the group?
  7. What was the name of future rat David's pet cobra?
  8. In book #29 The Sickness, who was the first human Animorph to become sick after Ax fell prey to the alien illness yamphut?
  9. Which of these monsters from the Deep on the Hork-Bajir homeworld has Visser Three morphed?
  10. Who is the author of the Animorphs series (you should know this one!)?

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