HARRY POTTER, officially the best series in the world, is a detailed series full of lots of interesting facts. This trivia doesn't consist of downright stupid questions like 'What's Harry's first name?' OH NO. This is the DEATH TRIVIA.

Consider yourself a know-it-all Potterhead? Think again! You've still got plenty of learning to do; or have you? Take the quiz to find out! Go on! You know you want to.

Created by: Raven_claw

  1. Let's start simple. Very simple. Who tells Harry he's a wizard?
  2. Where abouts is Hogwarts set?
  3. Who does JK Rowling call the main seven?
  4. What is Ernie MacMillans patronus?
  5. What window does Buckbeak have to fly to to rescue Sirius?
  6. What is Dumbledores favourite jam?
  7. What blood is splattered over the walls of the house Slughorn takes refuge in?
  8. In what month is Harry's birthday?
  9. How long did Fred and George spend developing the Ton Tounge toffees?
  10. What does Luna comment on when Harry asks her to Slughorns party?
  11. When Hermione creates S.P.E.W, what does Ron say she'll be forming next?
  12. What / who is Winky the house elf afraid of?
  13. How many parts can you split you soul into?
  14. What did Tom Riddle admire before asking Slughorn about Horcruxes?

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