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Do you truly know the world of harry Potter well if you do try this amazing trivia quiz to see if your a true harry Potter geek like me and have fun!!

All you have to do is answer the next few questions take as much time as you need and of course have fun do you remember all the facts about this magical world

Created by: Wiseowl600
  1. Who are harrys best friends
  2. What symbol does harry have on his head
  3. Who owned the sorcerers stone
  4. Now let's get a hard question: what did professor trelawney say when she sat down at a table of thirteen
  5. What pet did Albus Dumbledore have
  6. What was the item that Hermione use in the third book
  7. What is the criminal from askaban
  8. Witch house is Percy Weasleys girlfriend in
  9. What does Ron's dad's job
  10. What kind of owl is Hedwig
  11. True or False Hermione hates not studying
  12. What is Lord voldermorts real name
  13. What is the password to get into Dumbledores office
  14. What was James potters nickname in Hogwarts
  15. In the prisoner of Azkaban there was a map what was it called

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