'Shiver' Trivia 2!

Shiver is an awesome book with an interesting twist on werewolves. (Love Wolfies.) Its by Maggie Stiefvater, a pretty cool author, and it a awesome read. This is the second quiz by me on Shiver

So. Are you a Shiver Fan? Think you have what it takes to Ace Shiver Trivia quiz TWO?! Well. If you think so, Take the Quiz and Find out, see how much of a fan you are! Good luck!

Created by: UltimateShiverFan
  1. Again, lets start real simple. What color are Sam's eyes?
  2. Sam has an intense fear of what?
  3. IloveSam. Who doesnt? Another Sam question: Which of these did Sam really enjoy reading?
  4. What genre of Movie did Sam and Grace watch?
  5. Sam also read a book in the novel that we know about. What was it?
  6. What kind of Candy did Grace ask if they could buy?
  7. Where was Sam and Grace;s first kiss?
  8. 'Mom, Dad, I've gotten Married. Don't look at me like that. He only sheds part of the year' Who said this, in what way?
  9. "You should be happy," I told the panting wolf, "You didnt throw up this time" Said by who?
  10. 'Ja, The Raccoons and possums, too?' Sam is quoting who when he says this?
  11. True or False: Paul is a dark grey wolf
  12. Whats the name of Olivia's brother?
  13. "I'm going to wet myself." Did Grace say this?
  14. "So he's not still locked in the bathroom?" Who asked this, and about who was not still locked in the bathroom?
  15. Which of these quotes were said by Beck?
  16. "A slim-jim? How Intriguing" Who said this?

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