'Shiver' Trivia-Quiz on the Awesome Novel!

Shiver is a novel by Maggie Stiefvater, about a boy who turns into a wolf and the girl that loves him anyway. Its a very poetic book, with charcters that make you smile and cry. Its a great read- and it was on the Bestseller lists.

Do you think that you're an expert on this Novel? Know it like the back of your hand? Well. Heres a Quiz to see what you know! Some questions are hard, some easy. See what you know!

Created by: UltimateShiverFan
  1. Lets start Simple. Sam is a what?
  2. Sam and Grace had a special connection through the years when he was a wolf. What day of the year did Grace look forward to seeing him most?
  3. Sam had forced himself human three times in the book. Which is NOT a reason?
  4. Grace is described as having:
  5. Sam is described as:
  6. Sam's full name is:
  7. "What do you Eat?" Was Grace's question. Sam replied ;
  8. True of False: Jack, Isabel's brother, Dies in the end of the book.
  9. What was Sam's Nickname for Grace?
  10. "The main symptom is -TADA- A fever" This was said by Who?
  11. "Did you Tell that man you went potty on yourself?" Who said this?
  12. Shelby is what color wolf?
  13. Sam had killed what animal in human form, when it attacked Paul?
  14. Lets Talk Olivia. What did she look like?
  15. Olivia ended up changing and living with wolves.
  16. What was the name of Isabels dog?
  17. What happened to Isabel's dog?
  18. Which of these isnt a lyric from Sam's song, Summer Girl?
  19. "Hi, Boy!" Who said this?
  20. Grace was bitten, but she never changed. She was cured. Sam dreamed of finding it- Did he?

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