How much do YOU know about warriros? First series only!

Warriors is a very popular book series, which each have many large events within the book. Some people think warriors is just a bunch of stupid cats, but I think it's a journey into the unknown world of vicious wild animals, or the unknown world of gentle and wise animals. Warriors has it all! Take this quiz to find out how much you know about warriors!

Do YOU know alot about Warrior cats? Are you a Warriors maniac? Well, if you are, then test your knowledge here! This awesome quiz will test you on how much you know about the first series of Warriors! Give it a shot! It'll be funnn!

Created by: Becky

  1. What was Bluestar's warrior name?
  2. What was Firestar's kittypet name?
  3. Who is Firestar's best friend?
  4. What Clan did Graystripe and Firestar save after being driven out?
  5. Who tried to feed Sorrelkit deathberries?
  6. What is Firestar's sister's name?
  7. Who became leader of ShadowClan after Nightstar died?
  8. What was BloodClan's leader's name?
  9. Who killed Spottedleaf?
  10. Who was Lionheart's sister?
  11. Who is Firestar's first apprentice?
  12. Who was Brambleclaw's mother
  13. Who are Bluestar's children that survived?
  14. Who were Brindleface's most recent kits before she was killed?
  15. Who is Graystripe's first mate?
  16. Who is Graystripe's first batch of kits?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about warriros? First series only!