Are You A True First Book Warriors Fan?

A simple quiz to prove your knowledge about Into The Wild the first book of Warriors. You are on the latest books, watching Moonkitti I spoil, and realizing how little you remember of the first series.

Put your knowledge to the test! You can range from expert to noob, and it all depends on your answers! Do you have the power to lead StarClan? Let's find out!

Created by: WarriorOfCats.MASTER

  1. Who is the main character from the first series?
  2. Who is Firestar's (then Firepaw) first Clan friend?
  3. Firestar's is
  4. After Redtail dies, ___ becomes the new deputy
  5. Firestar (then Firepaw) brings this ShadowClan cat back to camp.
  6. Firestar (then Firepaw) and Graystripe (then Graypaw), become warriors by
  7. Who does Rusty (later Firestar) attack to prove himself?
  8. Tigerclaw killed
  9. This warrior becomes deputy after Lionheart
  10. Spottedleaf was killed by

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Quiz topic: Am I A True First Book Warriors Fan?