What Code Geass Character Are YOU?

Lots of people like code geass. The show is exciting, and deserves its many viewers. With its two seasons, it is very interesting. In it are many one of a kind characters.

Which "one of a kind" character are you most like? Do you share the same strong emotions as YOUR favorite Code Geass character? Take the quiz to see if you're truly like your favorite code geass character!

Created by: Matthew
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  1. You're surrounded in the line of battle by multiple knightmares only with a damaged glasgow. What is your next move?
  2. "Oh great smart one, we're lost!!" How do you respond?
  3. Your stuck, one on one, with a skilled, armed fighter, your armed with, you guessed it, a chainsaw. WHat do you think?
  4. 10^2=?
  5. You just suffered a loss of a sibling, what do you do to commemorate him/her?
  6. Which character boost do you want most out of these?
  7. You can only go onto the lines of battle with one thing. What is that one thing?
  8. You just bumped into someone in the hall, forcing them to drop they're supplies. Of course, the one you bump into, is the annoying council president. What do you do?
  9. You have to skip school to get to an event. What do you think of this idea?
  10. You're asked to take a dating poll. What emotion does this give you?
  11. Are you admired by lots of people?
  12. You are on the peak of punching someone. Do you go through with it?
  13. How do you react if you are left alone, abandoned?

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Quiz topic: What Code Geass Character am I?