The Quiz of Doom!

PLEASE READ My friend code is 1376-5437-6329 on Mario Kart Wii and tell me your Mario Kart Wii Friend Code and I will add you in less than 24 hours (Fridays are exceptional)

Are you a GENIUS (or Nerd as Bruce Banner says it as.)? Find out now and by the Way, I'm a Scribblenauts Fan and I LOVE MAXWELL!! Did you know: You can type CHUCKNORRIS on Scribblenauts!

Created by: timothy4444
  1. How many birthdays does an Average Person have?
  2. What's Little Mac's Coach Favourite Food?
  3. Your answer should be Correct. How many legs does a dog have?
  4. When was Lady Gaga Born?
  5. What Colour is the sky?
  6. How much Wii points is the Internet Channel?
  7. How many letters in Chocolate Spam Pie?
  8. Read this backwards. ?eno sulp enO
  9. In a certain chain letter, It says that Teddy is . . .
  10. When does the 2009 Australian Version of Are you Smarter than a 5th Grader Appear?
  11. How many playable Characters (including unlockables) in Mario Kart DS?

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